Experience AIESEC All Over Again

Do you remember your first international AIESEC meeting? I do. For me it was the AIESEC International Congress in Louvain la Neuve, Belgium in 1978, where I went as a US delegate. Several hundred youth gathered together from around the globe to experience international understanding and exchange pink and green forms. For me, it started […]

Support the 2016 AAI Seed Fund Campaign!

AAI is pleased to announce our 2016 fundraising campaign, which has the goal of raising €200,000 in 2016 from individual donors and through crowd funding. We are also pleased to introduce Annemarie Weise, our recently appointed AAI Seed Fund Campaign Manager, who has joined us under contract from MCI, a non-profit management and fundraising consultancy based in […]

Call for Alumni Leaders

In 2015, AAI and AI launched the Global AIESEC Leadership Initiative {GALI} as a core component of their work. AIESEC develops leaders; AIESEC Alumni activates leaders. The key is to create local alumni leadership initiatives to: Convene alumni who care about making this a better world Renew their passion from AIESEC to make a difference […]

Let’s Build Our Global Online Community

Dear friends and fellow alumni around the globe, With AlumNet’s successful launch on February 14th, we have set our sights on aggressively building our global online community, with the goal of achieving 50,000 alumni registrations by the end of 2016. This “BHAG” may seem to be overly ambitious, but if you have any doubts, remember: we’re AIESECers! […]

The Alumni Interview: Ken Phillips

Ken Phillips has a long and distinguished career in the non-profit world. And it all started with AIESEC. His first involvement with AIESEC was in the United States at Princeton University. In his first year as a member, he raised two traineeships with US companies, one in engineering and the other in energy. After a […]