Support the 2016 AAI Seed Fund Campaign!

Annemarie Weise – AAI Seed Fund Campaign Manager

AAI is pleased to announce our 2016 fundraising campaign, which has the goal of raising €200,000 in 2016 from individual donors and through crowd funding. We are also pleased to introduce Annemarie Weise, our recently appointed AAI Seed Fund Campaign Manager, who has joined us under contract from MCI, a non-profit management and fundraising consultancy based in Brussels. Annemarie will be working closely with our global community to perform fundraising project management and outreach in order to meet this goal.

The 2016 AAI Seed Fund Campaign is the culmination of nine months of research and planning that has been conducted with donors and alumni from our global community. You can access the Voice of the Customer & Strategy Report by clicking on these links. These reports have been reviewed and approved by the AAI Executive Board.

With the launch of AlumNet, our Global AIESEC Leadership Initiative, our new online programs and the creation of National Alumni Associations in AIESEC countries around the globe, AIESEC Alumni is poised to achieve high growth in the coming years as a premier global leadership network. We have a dream: to bring together hundreds of thousands of AIESECers in an active online leadership community, so they can connect, collaborate and contribute to a better world.

To sustain the organization and achieve these ambitious goals, we’re investing heavily in AlumNet and building the infrastructure to support the delivery of programs and services to the network. These investments are the direct result of needs that have been identified and agreed to by alumni leaders through numerous AIESEC Alumni gatherings around the globe in recent years, including Mexico City, Budapest, Moscow, Novi Saad, Vienna, Porto, Rotterdam and others.

In launching this campaign, we’re asking for your active involvement and support. Here’s how you can help:

  • Volunteer to join our AAI Seed Fund Campaign Committee
  • Help us identify and approach alumni donors
  • Help us organize and promote our crowd funding campaign this summer
  • Make a donation to the AAI Seed Fund yourself!

Whatever your level of interest, contact us now by writing to [email protected].

AIESEC Alumni is perfectly poised to capitalize on our global pool of talented leaders, to advance AIESEC values and achieve our full potential.

Join us now in this effort!

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