About us

Our Leadership

The Executive Board and Management Team of AAI and the Regional and National Associations more than ever are looking to work together to represent and contribute to the values of the organization and membership around the world.

Our team is comprised of a global network of volunteers, and we have integrated regional boards from: Iberoamerica, Africa, Asia Pacific, Europe and AIESEC Life.

Executive Board Members

Alberto Ziel

President & Head of Legal Affairs

Michael Victor

VP of Global Platforms

Carlos César Rodríguez 

President of AIESEC Alumni Iberoamerica

Ex-Officeo Member 


Mariel Rivera

VP of Global Programs Innovation & Communications

Beatrice Pesci

VP of Global Event Development

Petr Mandel

President of Aiesec Alumni Europe  

Ex-Officeo Member 


Anuj Khosla

VP of Organizational Development & Finance

Oumar Sylla

President of AIESEC Alumni AFRICA

Ex-Officeo Member 

Maggie Gisel

Executive Director of AIESEC Alumni Life

Ex-Officeo Member 


Screen Shot 2020-02-04 at 7.58.51 AM

Jim Kleiber

VP of Value Proposition & Human Resources

David Jackson Grose

President of Aiesec Alumni Asia Pacific

Ex-Officeo Member 


Alexandra Robinson

 President of AIESEC International

Ex-Officeo Member (Non Voting)


Global Management Team


Peter Kovacs



Global & Virtual Alumni Talks

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Alumni to AIESEC & Alumni 

Juan Martin Branchi




SDG´s Project Developer

Developer [email protected]

Alumni to the World Programs Innovation

Dante Malpartida


SDG´s Project Developer

[email protected]

Alumni to the World  Programs Innovation

Jorge Gómez Ayala

Alumni to AIESEC & Alumni 

Talent Hunting & Exchange GT Referrals

[email protected]

 Caroline Chevillotte


Alumni to the World Programs Innovation

Peacebuilders & Change Makers

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Oguz Yilmazlar


Alumni to the world Communications

Content Editor /SDG´s Blog Manager 

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