AIESEC Alumni Africa

It’s a new ERA for Aiesec Alumni Africa. Growth and progress are some of the most fundamental characteristics of all living organisms. It is in the same spirit that the time has come to celebrate the coming of age of Aiesec Alumni in Africa. As is with the African culture, the coming of age is […]

Letter from the President, Post AAIC Edition

It’s with great pleasure that I share with you another update on our global activities. In this edition, we want to illustrate what has happened during the recent weeks with a review of AAIC and as well as concrete activities that have been undertaken since. Before continuing with our in-depth reporting, we want to invite […]

AIESEC Alumni Austria’s Situation Game: “On the Road with Migrants”

Developed by Caritas France based on real stories. On Saturday the 11th of June, AIESEC Alumni Austria organized a special board game called “On the Road with Migrants” at the Business University of Vienna (Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien). Drawing inspirations from real stories, Secours Catholique and Caritas France developed the game aiming to raise awareness and encourage […]

Alumni Profile: Beatrice Wong

You work as a consultant in the field of “Learning and Development”. Can you tell us briefly what your role entails and your company does? I am a Partner of Zenlinx, a boutique Learning & Development consultancy which offers three main products. First, we distribute an assessment tool called PRISM Brain Mapping, based on principles of neuroscience, within […]

Passionate Alumni Wanted

Hey AIESEC! Do you miss those days of convening together in conferences, planning out road maps for the future and working together in teams and making things happen? As an alumnus, there are many ways of giving back to the community. Take a look at our current openings and see how else you can contribute […]