How travel can inspire you to make a social change

They are saying that travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer… After 8 months of traveling in South East Asia and visiting six countries – Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Cambodia and Myanmar, I totally agree that traveling can really impact your life and the way you think and act. I am an […]

Trust the next train, it’s full of surprises

Not too long ago, a man from the countryside in India had to visit a large city. As he was heading to his destination in a local train, he suddenly discovered that he had taken the wrong one: the line did go through his destination but did not stop in that station. A fellow passenger, […]

5 lessons I learned in AIESEC to become an Entrepreneur

Being an entrepreneur is not an easy journey. Many people have great ideas in mind that they would love to develop, but very often these ideas remain just ideas in their heads that don’t get off the ground. Very often, it is because they lack the skills, or they are scared to take the risk. […]