Ambassador Initiative

Celebrating over 70 years of AIESEC developing leaders we are Looking to the future working  towards a new era of an organization of AIESEC Alumni of Peacebuilders. We need 70 leaders like you from around the world to become Ambassadors. Together, we can have a real impact.  

Our Ambassadors

Our Ambassadors


Ken Phillips

So proud to be a Lifetime Member and major donor to AIESEC Alumni International. So many of us are fortunate to have experienced personal transformation as leaders during our years in AIESEC, and it's great to be able to give back for all that we've received!

Miyoshi Kuroki

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Haruo Kano

"Once an AIESECer, always an AIESECer."

Aiesec Germany

"Once an AIESECer, always an AIESECer."
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Hansueli Maerki

AIESEC changed my life. I am happy to support the development of its Alumni Association.

Mariel Rivera (Social Disrupters)

AIESEC teached me the power of connecting change makers for a good cause. I´m very clear that an organization can´t operate without support. “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” —African Proverb

Aiesec life

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"Once an AIESECer, always an AIESECer."

Victor Loewenstein

AIESEC was a great experience for us all, and it is a privilege to keep serving that experience by being connected globally to like minded people.

Andrew Rowe

AIESEC changed my life. It gave me positive global values, taught me leadership, and launched my career. I want to pay back by helping now.

Fabio Sgaragli

What in today's world could be more valuable than a great and powerful network of AIESEC Alumni sharing a unique and lifetime experience of our organisation.

Mari Teneberg

"Once an AIESECer, always an AIESECer."
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Herbs Charles

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"Once an AIESECer, always an AIESECer."

Andrew Rowe

Mission-Driven Healthcare CEO & Community Service Leader

Portland, Oregon

David Epsetin 

Current Company Position

San Francisco Bay Area

Dale Martin 

Current Company Position


 Join Ken as Ambassador!

How it works?

¿How it works?

The 70 alumni who support the campaign with € 1000 will become Ambassadors for the 70th AIESEC Anniversary Campaign for AAI’s Future (“AAI Ambassadors”) and we will celebrate them at all AAI meetings throughout 2018 and 2020.

Why? We believe AIESEC Alumni must provide a platform for alumni to keep developing their leadership, learn from each other, support one another and also help the young AIESECers. From projects designed to tackle the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals to supporting regional and national alumni groups, from a new website and global innovation in the way we run programs more structured  a lot is going on in 126 countries, and everyone benefits: Alumni, AIESECers and the world. 

We need your contribution to enable continuous development of AAI and we invite you to support the movement by clicking on the link below. 

Ambassadors will also reach out to five friends to urge them to join as Ambassadors as well!

Transfer to AAI Bank Account from Europe
If you are located in Europe you can use IBAN: BIC:
Transfer to AAI bank account from a country outside Europe
Beneficiary: AIESEC Alumni International Address: Rigiweg 13 6343 Holzhäusern ZG Switzerland Bank: ###### SWIFT:#######
Stripe / Credit card
Clicking on the Donate link below ”directly to Stripe”

If you have any question regarding the transferring process and/or the donation, please feel free to contact Anuj Khosla: VP of Organizational Development & Finance [email protected]