Our work sessions in Hungary

Here is a summary of our work activities during the February 18-19 alumni days in Tapolca, Hungary:

February 18: 9:30am – 1pm
WG presentation of “Unleashing AIESEC’s Global Alumni Potential”
The working group presented a summary of its analysis and recommendations for global AIESEC alumni reform.  Many of the participants came prepared having read the executive summary and/or complete report.  Spirited debate ensued, after which the working group’s proposals were overwhelmingly approved by a show of hands.

Some participants raised issues that they would like to see addressed during the implementation of the reform proposals.  The Working Group captured these issues on this list, and agreed to share this list for the incoming EB to address in a consultative fashion with alumni as the reform effort moves ahead.

February 18:  2:30 – 4pm
Joint session with MCPs
After lunch, there was a joint session with all of the MCPs and alumni.  Luca Keresztesi (representing AI) and David Epstein (representing the Working Group) presented a summary of ongoing work on the alumni reform effort, after which the MCPs and alumni broke into small groups to brainstorm on alumni-related opportunities.  Click here to see AI/Working Group presentation, and click here to see the feedback from the joint alumni/student working groups which is great input for AAI’s product planning.

February 18:  4 – 6:30pm
AAI General Assembly
AAI’s General Assembly was highlighted by its formal decisions on the reform process.  It confirmed the Mexico assembly’s minutes with the review of the Reform Project by the subsequent Working Group.  Based on the Working Group’s presentation on 18 Feb. 2012, a motion “endorsing the Reform strategy and calling on the Working Group and the Executive Board to move forward” was carried by 45 in favor and only 3 abstentions.  We will post separately on EB elections and appointments, and we will post detailed minutes with all statutory business on the AAI website.

February 19:  10am – 12:30pm
Final alumni session
On Sunday morning, the alumni gathered to do four things: learn about our plans for the August 2012 AAIM in Moscow; brainstorm about “signature product opportunities” for AAI, the results of which will serve as input to AAI’s product team;  discuss an AI website/networking presentation and demo prepared by Luca Keresztesi and Dade Aderemi; and thank the OC and Susanne Pfeuffer for an outstanding conference.

5 replies on “Our work sessions in Hungary”

  1. Hi, David
    greatings and support to The Initiative Carriers!
    i appreciate and value the ongoing communication flow – it is clearly contributing and step by step involving I believe, up to the critical mass for realization of the reform. Professionality continues and makes it all more tangible and process-wise credible.
    Thanks – and keep walkin’ the talk…! (-:
    Gábor Cséffalvay
    Co-founder AAI Budapest 1986
    AIESEC Global Alumni Hall of Fame member 2007

    1. Thank you, Csé! We’re initiating work in a number of areas, and we’ll do our best to be good communicators as we rev up the engines. On this note, many alumni, yourself included, have reached out to us and asked “How can I help?” Thank you for that! One of our near-term goals is to let alumni know how they can get involved. We need all the help we can get! Very best, David

  2. Wonderful work David! motivating such wide participation is certainly going to ensure success!! Everybody’s unified criteria, is just a dream for world politicians or Business Executives, that is a power than cannot be stop! If in this process we grow into that: Leaders with a global responsibility creating a positive impact locally, united and guided by one passion:
    THE AIESEC WAY! the world is going to melt before us 🙂

    Best regards,


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