AAI Project Award for AIESEC Southern Cone

“Youth to Education Day” is the student initiative AI selected for the AAI Project Award at AAIM Moscow.  At the Hall of Fame ceremony on 23 August 2012, AAI VP Bernd M. Thomas handed the Award to MCP Fernando Kamachi, representing project initiator VP Valentina Cerda Larrain, both from winning MC AIESEC Southern Cone. The Award […]

Happy (Transformative) 2013!

Dear AIESEC alumni, 2012 marked the beginning of our collective transformation into a global alumni powerhouse that will connect one million alumni AIESECers with each other and with AIESEC in meaningful ways. At our February AAIM in Hungary, alumni from around the world gathered to discuss a project entitled Unleashing AIESEC’s Global Alumni Potential. Developed […]

You were part of it too!

Many among you have had life-changing experiences through the AIESEC’s global internship program, either by working as an intern or by hosting and receiving AIESECers from abroad. The chronicles of AIESEC are full of inspiring and compelling experiences that AIESEC’s unique program has provided students and companies.  Think about it. How many other organizations in […]

Be part of the next chapter of AIESEC’s alumni history!

JOIN US FOR THE UNVEILING OF NEW AAI ALUMNI NETWORK SERVICES AND FOR THE LAUNCH OF AIESEC ALUMNI EUROPE! It may be that years have passed since your last involvement with AIESEC.  You probably have pursued a professional or academic career or maybe started your own business, without meeting AIESECers other than your close friends.  […]