You were part of it too!

World_Squared_2Many among you have had life-changing experiences through the AIESEC’s global internship program, either by working as an intern or by hosting and receiving AIESECers from abroad. The chronicles of AIESEC are full of inspiring and compelling experiences that AIESEC’s unique program has provided students and companies. 

Think about it. How many other organizations in the world not only offer students a truly valuable international experience, but also offer companies affordable, hard-working professionals that can bring in knowledge about specific markets and speak a specific language?

Notwithstanding this compelling offering, AIESEC student members everywhere face unprecedented challenges in raising internships. Many companies are unaware of the value an international trainee can bring to an organization, especially in these difficult times. AIESEC members have never worked as hard as they do today to raise internships and the program is just as compelling as it was when you were a member, but their lack of good connections within companies has put the continuity of some chapters in jeopardy.

Some alumni have done a great job by helping various AIESEC chapters by referring internship opportunities.  Now let us all work together and persuade companies of the great value of the AIESEC internship program!  You can do this by identifying internship opportunities or even hiring an AIESEC intern in your own company, and just spreading this message will also help.  Please tell us about the opportunities you see around you by clicking to this page (, and someone from AIESEC will be in touch with you shortly. 

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