Be part of the next chapter of AIESEC’s alumni history!


Serbia 2013It may be that years have passed since your last involvement with AIESEC.  You probably have pursued a professional or academic career or maybe started your own business, without meeting AIESECers other than your close friends.  How about boosting your career and enhancing your experience by reconnecting with AIESEC Alumni from Europe and from around the world?

On behalf of AIESEC Alumni International Executive Board, I encourage you to join us at the AIESEC Alumni International Meeting and Regional Alumni Conference on 22-24 February 2013 in Novi Sad, Serbia, alongside AIESEC’s International Presidents’ Meeting.  The Regional Alumni Conference will also be the founding assembly of the newly proposed AIESEC Alumni Europe.

We have been on a fascinating and challenging journey to unleash enormous potential of AIESEC Alumni. Now it is time to unveil new AAI services, to discuss alumni organizational roles at the international, regional, and national levels, and to contribute to the alumni growth in Europe.  I hope to see you sharing ideas and getting engaged in discussion that will help us to mark the path ahead!

According to a valued AIESEC-tradition, you will be enriched by the multi-layered history of Novi Sad, Serbian folklore and present outlook, and the gala for AIESEC’s 60th anniversary in former Yugoslavia.  AAIM and RAC is also great opportunity to reconnect with fellow alumni and establish new ‘win-win’ connections that will inspire and stimulate professional careers and businesses.

Book your calendar now for 22-24 Feb 2013 and expect registration opening soon; more details can be found at, e-mail [email protected].

AIESECly yours,
David Epstein
AIESEC Alumni International

4 replies on “Be part of the next chapter of AIESEC’s alumni history!”

  1. We’ll miss you there! Among the topics we plan to address are the optimum roles and responsibilities of the various Alumni levels including the regional level. We would, of course, like to discuss this in advance with Pablo and his team, and our many friends in the AAIB region like you. We should schedule some time.

  2. David,

    Thanks for getting this invitation out a good time in advance. Unfortunately I will be unable to attend this time. My first 3 months in 2013 are already too full.

    What is the plan for the AAI Congress?

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