AAI Project Award for AIESEC Southern Cone

“Youth to Education Day” is the student initiative AI selected for the AAI Project Award at AAIM Moscow.  At the Hall of Fame ceremony on 23 August 2012, AAI VP Bernd M. Thomas handed the Award to MCP Fernando Kamachi, representing project initiator VP Valentina Cerda Larrain, both from winning MC AIESEC Southern Cone.

The Award prize of Euro 1,000 supports preparations for AIESEC’s “Youth to Education Day” in March 2013.  The ambitious project will mobilize students in Argentina, Chile, Uruguay and beyond to call for a future-oriented educational system in their countries.  It will showcase educational exchange work by AIESEC as an example for more performing integral learning.  AIESEC Southern Cone VP Valentina Larrain summarized the project mission in this statement.

The AAI Project Award for innovative student projects has been an AAI/AI cooperation since 1980 when it introduced the award concept in AIESEC.  It was originally created and funded by a few senior alumni and named after outstanding deceased AIESEC leaders (Norman Barnett Award, Barnett Bhasin Award).  The Award was enlarged on the occasion of AIESEC60 in 2008, and since 2012, the Award can be conferred twice annually.

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