A tragic accident in Mauritius

Please see the message below from AIESEC International.   AIESEC Alumni International joins AI in extending our deepest condolences to Elyn’s family and to all of those touched by this tragic event.

Dear Alumni,

It’s indeed one of the most difficult news we can ever share to all of you.

This morning a tragic event occurred in Mauritius. Elyn Hu, current MCP of AIESEC Mauritius, passed away in a bus accident travelling to a partner meeting near Serozo. There are up to 10 other casualties, however, the only other AIESECer on board was uninjured. Our thoughts and prayers are with Elyn’s family and all those affected by this terrible event.

We are in touch with Elyn’s family, the MC teams and embassies involved and are doing what we can to support in the process.

Here’s the tribute post from AIESEC in Mauritius to Elyn.

We wish her to rest in peace.

At this time, we hope the network can stand together in our message of strength and support for her family.

AIESEC International

3 replies on “A tragic accident in Mauritius”

  1. I am so proud of AIESEC when I read reports like this, and of course I am deeply saddened by the loss of our wonderful spirited leader from Mauritius. I wish I could have met her. Years ago, in February of 1960, when I first climbed the rickety wooden steps of what would become our first International Secretariat of AIESEC, I had no idea how worldwide and global we would become. I cupped my hands and looked in. There were no lights in the office, no carpets, no typewriters, nothing but bare walls. I put everything needed in there and I started to build the first permanent off ice of our beloved AIESEC program. Driven by the same dreams and ideals as our Mauritius leader, I went out to Africa that summer to start AIESEC in Ghana, Nigeria and Sierra Leone. Somehow these seeds of peace also one day flew over to the tiny island of Mauritius and other places. May god bless AIESEC and our continuing good work by our present generation and those to come!

    Morris Wolff
    First Secretary General of AIESEC
    Geneva, Switzerland 1960-61
    [email protected]
    352 753 0105

  2. I am glad to see AAI so strong.. .and to see the continuing commitment of good friends Bernd Thomas, Lionel Simons and Arnould de la Boulaye among other good people. Long live our love for AIESEC!

  3. We were celebrating the 23rd National Congress of AIESEC ALUMNI COLOMBIA when we learned of this sad news and we feel a deep pain that manifested with a minute of silence during which flowed around this feeling that affects us. On behalf of AIESEC ALUMNI COLOMBIA our condolences to the family and friends of Elyn Hu and AIESEC world, especially for our friends in Mauritius.

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