Regional Alumni Congress in Panamá a huge success


71 delegates from 18 countries came together for AIESEC Alumni Iberoamérica’s (AAIB) Regional Alumni Congress, which was held by AIESEC Alumni Panamá from April 3rd through 7th in Panama City.  The event was held in conjunction with AIESEC’s Iberoamerican Leadership Congress (ILC), which brought together 300 student leaders from throughout the region.


This year’s RAC was an outstanding success.  16 subcommittees worked on advancing AAIB’s structure, programs, succession planning, membership development and other topics.  Delegates explored opportunities to do business together through the Rueda de Negocios, which is one of AAIB’s showcase programs.  Top leaders from Panama’s business community provided participants with an overview of Panama’s dynamic and growing economy.   A tour of the Panama Canal and presentation from Canal officials provided alumni with understanding of the importance of the canal for global trade, along with an update on its current expansion project.

AAIB continues to experience strong growth, with over 360 registered members and a growing number of national alumni associations.  Under the leadership of Pablo Toledo (AAIB President), the organization is looking ahead toward continued development of its programs, leadership structure and continuity.


The Latin spirit was in full form throughout the event, with plenty of parties, a gala awards evening, an evening with Panamanian folk dancing and other treats.  The best part of any alumni event is the incredible camaraderie, and the RAC in Panama was no exception!

Special thanks to AIESEC Alumni Panama for an outstanding event.  ¡Excelente!

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  1. Thank you, Andy, it was great to share with you great moments in our Congress. It is very encouraging to realize the significance of an event like this, organized for 7 consecutive years in Latin America, gathering more than 370 alumni and AIESECers of all ages and many countries, including CM founders and supporters. The panamenian RAC was certainly superbly organized and very impressive. All AAI members and alumni from all countries are most welcome to attend to our 8th Congress to be held in Mexico in early 2014. Cheers !!

  2. Hope to attend the Mexico City Congress. Please let me know dates and place so i can attend

    Morris Wolff
    First Secretary General 1960-61
    Expanded AIESEC to Africa.

  3. I am very impressed by the energy, spirit and progress of AIESEC. As someone who helped to start the first International Secretariat in Geneva in 1960 I am proud to see an active alumni and a vibrant AIESEC. Go AIESEC!Morris Wolff
    Founder of the International Secretariat
    Geneva Switzerland
    Secretay General
    [email protected]

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