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Dear alumni,
In this first post following our AIESEC Alumni International Meeting (AAIM) last week in Novi Sad, Serbia, we are sharing an update on our upcoming new global web portal we are calling “AlumNet”.  This is the first of a number of updates that will touch on topics that will also include how AAI is coordinating more closely with national and regional associations, and with AIESEC itself, to unleash AIESEC’s global alumni potential.
During our meetings in Novi Sad, AAI shared for the first time a preliminary working version of AlumNet, a new online platform that will bring together AIESEC alumni from across geographies and generations to connect, collaborate and contribute, harnessing our shared experiences, our collective talent and AIESEC values.
Once it is launched in the coming months, AlumNet will make it easier than ever to network with old and new friends, cooperate professionally, and participate in events and discussions at local, national and international levels. While AlumNet will be available to all registered alumni at no cost, we expect to offer certain features and programs exclusively to AAI members.
What you can expect:
AlumNet will help you connect with fellow AIESEC alumni locally, around the world, and across generations. For instance:
  • Search alumni and build your personal network.
  • Reconnect with alumni friends, or find new ones.
  • Connect locally and find alumni who live near you.
  • Find or launch national and local alumni chapters.
  • Leverage our network’s unique capital of trust to create connections and opportunities.
AlumNet will make it possible to collaborate with fellow AIESEC alumni, locally and around the world, to advance your career, grow your business, support student AIESEC, and have a positive impact on the world in line with our shared values. For instance:
  • Engage with alumni in online forums and at local, national and international events.
  • Find, research or offer employment opportunities.
  • Find partners and fund or promote your business.
  • Enjoy individualized professional and cultural exchanges.
  • Support and promote AIESEC-led and alumni-led projects that further our shared values.
AlumNet will also make it easy for you to contribute your knowledge, time and resources to the movement to unleash AIESEC’s global alumni potential. For instance:
  • Help find every past AIESEC leader at every level.
  • Help write AIESEC’s history at every level.
  • Take an AIESEC intern or advise student AIESEC.
  • Join our global team of volunteers who are developing valuable programs for our members.
  • Become an AAI member and/or donate to help most sustainably achieve the alumni mission.
AlumNet wouldn’t be possible without the support and input provided by alumni from around the world including the dedicated efforts of our AlumNet development team:
Andrew Rowe – AlumNet Project Leader
Adrian Neumann – AlumNet Product Manager
Paula Holst – AlumNet Content Manager
Kais Gharib – Head of AlumNet Development
Mosbah Ejebali – AlumNet Development Lead
AlumNet’s first release is expected by this summer 2013!
AIESECly yours,
AIESEC Alumni International

P.S. If you support our work to unleash AIESEC’s global alumni potential, please click here to become an AAI “Transforming Member” and/or to make a donation of any amount.  Thank you for your support!

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  1. I find this a wonderful idea and would very much like to get in touch with the project team as I am working on something similar for a special Harvard Alumni Organisation. As I was part of the first computerization of AIESEC’s exchange program back in ’69 and ’70 I have closely followed the evolution and I am wondering how this ‘trading platform’ will evolve given today’s world of social networking
    Best, Hansueli Maerki (Intl Advisory Counselor 1971, Hall of Fame)

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