Gaining momentum at AAIM ’12 in Moscow! (presentation included)

On behalf of the AAI EB, I would like to thank everyone who attended AAIM ’12 in Moscow, with a very special thanks to the talented OC and CC teams, our AAI partners,  sponsors and coordinators, and the Russian alumni association and student and alumni AIESECer hosts!

I would also like to extend our thanks and deep appreciation to PAI Florent Mei, and AI VP Michaela Schedlingova and the entire 2012-13 AI team, with whom we are forging a strong partnership.

It was an incredible and unforgettable experience for all of the attendees.  In addition to the fun, learning and networking, we coalesced during our work sessions around a refinement of the vision established at AAIM Hungary ’12 for ‘unleashing AIESEC’s global alumni potential’ that is outlined in this presentation about search assisted living, and we reinforced our shared commitment to a game plan that demonstrates a strong and growing partnership with AI and with the national and regional associations.

We were especially pleased to gather extensive input from AAIM participants in the following workshops:
* Integrated network and governance
* Integrated membership development and growth
* Web portal, database and networking
* Programs and services
* Communications
* Funding and the AIESEC Foundation
* Alumni–AIESEC programs (esp. traineeship referrals to AIESEC)
* “First Thursdays” and the sharing of best practices
* “A-Groups”
* Values and the AIESEC Alumni professional code
* AIESEC experience writing
Stay tuned for detailed reports and a summary of our ongoing next steps.
So thank you everyone… we CAN unleash AIESEC’s global alumni potential… and with your active participation and support, we WILL do this, for alumni everywhere and in support of AIESEC.
AIESECly yours,
David Epstein
AIESEC Alumni International

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  1. Much work to be done after such hearty discussions! We certainly have a plateful ahead. Happy for more alumni to share in. Cheers!

  2. adminPedro Luis Pinson says:

    Correct, hope to talk to soon, un abrazo, PLP

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