Introducing “The AIESEC Leaders List”

Let’s unite to do a simple but very powerful thing to help unleash AIESEC’s global alumni potential.

Let’s list every leader in AIESEC’s history.
Every one of us.  Everywhere.

AAI has recently developed The AIESEC Leaders List, a platform for assembling a complete and accurate list of former AIESEC leaders around the world as a step toward reconnecting with all former AIESECers.

It is, in effect, a continuation of AIESEC International’s database effort that maintained such information.  Unfortunately, the profile input from alumni on, in particular earlier AIESEC generations, was insufficient, and access to this alumni database was eventually closed.

The AIESEC Leaders List is available solely to persons who have certified their status as an AIESEC alumnus or student member and who have agreed to abide by AAI’s privacy and non-disclosure conditions.  Any person may request to have his or her name removed from the site by clicking on the link that is found at the bottom of every page.

Let’s show the power of AIESEC’s global alumni network by pulling together to make this crucial and urgent initiative a success.  So please visit the site and fill in the blanks with missing alumni. We welcome all information, though the fastest and most reliable information comes from records, such as Annual Reports on all levels, and Congress Reports with attendance lists and the like.  We urge all alumni to secure such records for each year and to send AAI virtual copies of any and all such records.
Thank you for your support, and please let us know if you would like to lead this project nationally, regionally or globally!

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