AAI programs – Moscow workshop results

Over the next couple of weeks, we will report back with the results of our AAIM workshops in Moscow, starting with our workshop on AAI programs.

We had a  lively discussion on AAI programs, with approximately 25 participants.  The group provided positive feedback on our AAI signature program plan, and validated our core focus on creating ‘exchange-related’ services for alumni-to-alumni engagement as the first priority.

In addition, several great ideas for local and national programs came out of the working group, and country representatives connected afterwards to share their program ideas with each other.

You’ll find a copy of the workshop report HERE.

Andrew Rowe
AAI Executive Board Member
and Director of Programs

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  1. It seems there was a good discussion on Projects. Some attendees from Iberoamerica shared a Sustainability & Innovation program we are developing. This initiative is aimed to deploy an economic and business model named THE BLUE ECONOMY. This model was developed by the prestigious belgian alumnus Gunter Pauli, former AA EB member back in 1979-80 and it is oriented to create 100 million jobs and social capital through 100 innovations between 2010-2020. Alumni could benefit from this initiative in several ways: a) Getting engaged in useful and highly visible sustainable projects, either as innovators, entrepreneurs, investors, partners or employees b) Becoming advisors, assessor or subject matter experts of such projects. c) Becoming educators and trainers of kids, students or entrepreneurs. d) Adopting good business models and practices that may help their companies to be more sustainable, socially responsible and profitable.
    AIESEC can participate in this program as well in different ways. Currently here is a myriad of alumni with excellent ideas and proposals. This is a good example on how AAI could serve as a booster of such initiatives at global scale.

    Oscar Ayala A.
    AAI – AA Ibero America – AA Colombia – AA Panama

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