First Thursdays (AAFT) – Moscow workshop results

At AAIM in Moscow, Hugo Preciado led a discussion regarding AIESEC Alumni First Thursdays (AAFT), an alumni program which has gotten lots of traction around the globe over the past several months under Hugo and Kuba Karlinski’s leadership.

We now have AAFT events taking place on a regular basis in all regions.  What will it take to fully institutionalize the program and take it to the next level?  Read the full report by clicking HERE, then post your comments/input.

3 replies on “First Thursdays (AAFT) – Moscow workshop results”

  1. adminPatricia Ralston says:

    Thanks for sharing, it is a very interesting material.
    Talking about adding value. What about using the meetings for some kind of market research project? We are consumers of different products and applying a survey will take very little time but can help us get funds for AAI.
    I’m looking forward to read all the reports.

  2. Hugo, folks
    This is a great initiative and it is the entry door for many other themes for Alumni. I guess the key point is the selection of the RIGHT PERSON to coordinate the activity at Regional, National and Local level. The Survey will provide key insights to refine it. Combine it with AIESEC could work, not necessarily, depending on what the specific alumni want.

  3. adminKen Phillips says:

    This is amazing. Imagine what it can become in a few years?

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