Development of new alumni website is underway!

A dynamic AAI/AI team is hard at work developing our new website.  In line with the goals outlined by the Working Group and endorsed at AAIM 2012 Hungary, our new website will be an easily-accessed hub for all alumni-related information, networking and services along the Alumni-to-Alumni, Alumni – AIESEC, and Alumni-to-World axes.  Stay tuned for the beta site!

Many thanks to the following AIESECers who are spearheading this effort!

Jochen J. Wiegand volunteers as the manager of this website initiative. He has had sales and marketing management roles with leading IT companies and now owns two companies and works freelance as a business development consultant. Jochen  has been a member of AAI’s EB since 2004, serving as its president in 2007/08.

Kais Gharib  has volunteered to lead the technology implementation, while also providing AAI with a full-time developer for the project.  An alum of AIESEC Tunisia, Kais worked two years at AI.  After a traineeship at Microsoft, Kais led the development and implementation of the online infrastructure of Microsoft Gulf.

Dade Aderemi, formerly VP of AIESEC Nigeria, is information Management Project Manager at AIESEC International in Rotterdam.  At AAIM in Hungary, Dade presented at a beta site that includes powerful capabilities that he will incorporate into our new website.

Carlos Botero, the former National Director of Exchange for AIESEC Venezuela, has volunteered to advise us on payment systems and technology.  Carlos is  the Regional Manager for Iberoamerica for Webmium project, a DIY website builder solution based in Prague, Czech Republic.

Gábor Varga has volunteered to support us with membership registration technology and database management. Gábor, who hails from AIESEC Hungary, served as Project Team Member in AIESEC Indonesia and is CCVP for Information Systems at GLS 2012.

6 replies on “Development of new alumni website is underway!”

  1. Great news, I’m looking forward to see the new website! Thanks for your efforts!

  2. Congrats and really looking forward to the new website! Great look, Kais!

  3. Hey, waiting for the platform to be delivered. If you need any betatesting – don`t hesitate to contact!

  4. adminAkber Pandor says:

    This is really great news and many thanks to Jochen, Kais, Dade, Carlos & Gabor for your contribution to this essential AAI project. Best of luck.

  5. adminELVERIS Hüsrev says:

    Hello Jochen,
    I would like to express my deep appreciation for everyone who gave the effort to build up this hudge work and congratulate as well particularly you and the other friends namely Kais, Dade, Carlos und Gabor.. I am expecting now a fruitful contribution for this specific AAI project from everone as well..

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