Please help us achieve global alumni liftoff!

Please join the effort to unleash AIESEC’s global alumni potential by volunteering to help AAI in one of the following areas.  We really need your help…. and if you can’t help us directly, please forward this to someone who can.  Click on the links below to learn more!

Website and Social Media
* Global Manager, The AIESEC Leader List / The AIESEC History Project
* Manager, Social Media

* Editor, Alumni Newsletter
* Editor, 40 under 40
* Feature Writers and Proofreaders

Membership and Fundraising
Membership Marketing Manager
Fundraising Campaign Manager

* Others in progress..

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9 comentarios

  1. Hello all, congrats on this excelent idea at par with the new fantastic drive AI is having. You will forgive for not paricipating as I have duties and obligations with AAIB, as member of the honor and chair of a special committees plus Mexico: But dont hesitate to ask me for some thing in particular. All the best PLP

  2. Hi there, I have intqerest being more participative into AAI. Please let me know how can it be driven and I’ll keep on track of all efforts to expand our potentials globally. Thanks.

  3. this is an amazing concrete step towards knowledge management for the entire AIESEC association. Being an alumnus, I know how much we are dying to participate and help AIESEC soar greater heights! Cheers! I’m just a shout away 🙂

  4. Hi AI members. It’s good to feel the move our organization is having. That convince me to take a more active role at the National Alumni Association, that is why, for the time being I can’t take other commitments. But I’m here following you guys with my best wishes.

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