Introducing “The AIESEC Leaders List”

Let’s unite to do a simple but very powerful thing to help unleash AIESEC’s global alumni potential. Let’s list every leader in AIESEC’s history. Every one of us.  Everywhere. AAI has recently developed The AIESEC Leaders List, a platform for assembling a complete and accurate list of former AIESEC leaders around the world as a step toward reconnecting with […]

Global AIESEC Hall of Fame nominations opened!

Do you want to show your support in recognizing AIESEC’s outstanding alumni and sharing unique experiences with the network?   Your contribution really matters! The time has come to nominate fellow alumni in your network to the Global Alumni Hall of Fame! We have 4 categories where your Alumni can be selected: Global Alumni Entrepreneurship […]

40 under 40 nominations opened!

Do you want to share the best stories of young AIESEC alumni? You can do it in the 40 Under 40 publication, which includes a selection of promising young AIESEC alumni that are currently building their path in the world   to become leaders in different areas. This publication aims to promote the power of AIESEC […]