Global AIESEC Hall of Fame nominations opened!

Do you want to show your support in recognizing AIESEC’s outstanding alumni and sharing unique experiences with the network?   Your contribution really matters!

The time has come to nominate fellow alumni in your network to the Global Alumni Hall of Fame! We have 4 categories where your Alumni can be selected:

  1. Global Alumni Entrepreneurship and Leadership Award
  2. Global Alumni Contribution Award
  3. Global Young AIESEC Alumni Contribution Award
  4. Global AIESEC Alumni Hall of Fame

The nomination process takes two steps, asking for more specific information only in the second step for a selected group of nominees. For the first step, the nomination process closes on Friday, 29th June 2012 at 20.00 hrs GMT.  The award ceremony will take place at the AIESEC International Congress 2012, Russia.

Any AIESEC entity, an individual alumnus, Alumni Clubs/Associations are all eligible to make nominations for their respective alumni for all the awards categories (self-nominations are also possible).

If you would like to get to know more about objectives of the awards, categories and selection criteria, check the global AIESEC website and the official Nomination Form.

With questions and suggestions, feel free to approach Luca Keresztesi, AIESEC International at [email protected]!

Are you interested in previous winners?

Rajeev Mecheri
Shudzeka Jean Louis Bimela 
Carolina Andrade 
Dinis Teixeira
Deepak Parekh
Szymon Komorowski 
Andrew Muguluma
Claudio Neszlinger
Elisabeth Rehn
Oluwole Aiyegbusi 
John Allen

Jesperi Loponen
Pasi Riikonen
Fernando Moncayo
John Simba
Colin Baril
Atul Singh
Waswa Balunywa
Marton Svekus
Teia Catana
Antonio Cailao
Deo Onyango

To find winners before 2010, please check the pages here. 

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