A powerful network of over a million leaders across the globe committed to values-based leadership

We bring together a global network of AIESEC Alumni with lifelong commitment to live under AIESEC values contributing to achieving peace and fulfillment of Human´s kinds potential for a more unified world.

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 Our Signature Programs 

Reflecting a genuine life-long commitment to AIESEC´s philosophy of leadership development and positive impact in society, we have developed a global alumni platform of services and opportunities for every stage of the adult life. We hold international meetings, exchange information and ideas, and carry out larger projects, organizing alumni from all over the world.

As an organization in which the fundamental priority is to enhance leadership under AIESEC values for life we look to have programs that are aligned with our values and that  support one or more of our 3 pillars:

Alumni to the world

Alumni to the world Contribute and help us transform our alumni into a powerful global network for a better world.

Alumni to AIESEC

Alumni to AIESEC Collaborating with AIESEC to support and enhance impact for building a strong alumni association.

Alumni to Alumni

Alumni to Alumni Connecting Alumni all over the world to deliver leadership under AIESEC values for life.


International Startup Meetings bring together entrepreneurs, investors, and professionals together for education, networking and funding.


Alumni Talks

Alumni Talks are lectures and talks by featuring Alumni who are excellent and innovative in their business or activities.

Global Talent Hunting 

The Global Talent will provide an online job market where talent and career opportunities come together.

Alumni Global Business

Online marketplace where alumni-run businesses can offer their products and services to the network and create global business opportunities.

Alumni Events

More and more events all over the world have brought alumni together again.


Bring together alummni, sometimes also AIESECers and trainees, in cities around the world.


A-Groups are groups of 10 to 14 AIESEC alumni who become a trusted advisory board for each other.


A-Bridge is the project focused to support young AIESECers through the paths that bring them indirectly into AIESEC Alumni. 



Alumnus Worldwide 


Active AIESEC Members


Countries & Territories 


Years working for cultural understanding


AIESEC at 70 

Leadership for peace. 

2018 is a key milestone for AIESEC  as we continuea legacy spanning 70 years of developing youth leadership. With the theme Leaders for Peace, we acknowledge our humble beginnings and the contribuions of previous generations to the global community while presently striving to develop every young person in the world towards a movement of the peace, powered by ING.

AIESEC & Youth 4 Global Goals Initiative

We believe young people are a part of thesolution to create positive change  in the world.

In December 2015, AIESEC’s young global leaders and representatives from its 126 countries and territories gathered at the United Nations Headquarters to promete and drive youth participation in the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by creating Youth 4 Global Goals is an AIESEC Initiative through which we aim to mobilize youth towars the implementation of the Sustainable Decelopment Goals.Their initiative aims to educate youth about the SDGs and provide practical  volunteering opportunities to unleash their potential while being an active world citizen.

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