Our Signature Programs

Reflecting a genuine life-long commitment to AIESEC´s   philosophy of leadership development and positive impact in society, we have developed a global alumni platform of services and opportunities for evert stage of the adult life.

We believe that by connecting with others who share values such as leadership and participation over passively watching life as it happens, integrity over lack of transparency, diversity over uniformity, excellence over mediocrity, sustainability over short-term thinking, we create a synergy that brings benefits to our communities, our organizations and our world.

As an organization in which the fundamental priority is to enhance leadership under AIESEC values for life we look to have programs that are aligned with our values and that  support one or more of our 3 pillars:

Alumni to the world

Alumni to the world Contribute and help us transform our alumni into a powerful global network for a better world.

Alumni to AIESEC

Alumni to AIESEC Collaborating with AIESEC to support and enhance impact for building a strong alumni association.

Alumni to Alumni

Alumni to Alumni Connecting Alumni all over the world to deliver leadership under AIESEC values for life.


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Virtual lectures and webinar talks by featuring Alumni who are excellent and innovative in their business or activites. You can expect thought-challenging discussions and engaging topics.
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Initiative from AAMEA to support junio AIESECERS connecting them with mentors
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AIESEC Alumni International and Ubiquity Inc. have jointly agreed to collaborate to provide a space for Alumni to keep developing as changemakers for a better world. Click here to know more!
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Initiative from AAMEA Mentee Do you have an early stage startups seeking expert guidance (start up or NGO has to be created already)? Do you have lot of ideas on how to grow your startup or social enterprise and not sure how to prioritize them?
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Initiative from the global innovation team in collaboration with regions to support causes in benefit of SDG´s
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Ready to accelerate your career development in today's new normal ?
Galvanising the AIESEC Alumni community behind the passions of its members and empowering them to make a difference. 1.Enterprises: For-profit. 2.Projects: Social enterprises (for profit or not-for-profit). 3.Initiatives: Not-for-profit. 4.Causes: Other causes. (1, 2 and 3 must be Alumni owned or managed.) Proposed from Asia Pacific to become Global program under programs innovation
AIESEC alumni are talented internationalists, entrepreneurs and business executives, who are of high interest to corporations and NGOs. The Global Talent will provide an online job market where talent and career opportunities come together.
Are groups of 10 to 14 AIESEC alumni who become a trusted advisory board for each other. Advice - career advice, input on dealing with team challenges, mentoring, industry knowledge - these are needs that professionals require for their development as leaders. Members meet 6-8 times per year, building a tight group that discusses a range of topics.
Are lectures and talks by featuring Alumni who are excellent and innovative in their business or activites. You can expect thought-challenging discussions, engaging topics and an immersive and informal gathering.
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AIESEC Alumni Europe Theme Programme: Living Sustainably. Alumni and National Alumni Associations will run projects, discussions and campaigns around this topic over the next two years. create awareness for environmental topics, lead to changes in our lifestyle, relationships, actions and environment. Creating engagement with alumni and the community to make those changes happen.
Is the project focused to support young AIESECers through the paths that bring them indirectly into AIESEC Alumni. A-Bridge empowers young AIESECer to deliver leadership under AIESEC values long-life giving them a new perspective to going on connecting contributing and collaborating in the adult dimension of the association.
Bring together alumni, sometimes also AIESECers and trainees, in cities around the world. Ranging from casual get-togethers in restaurants and homes to social gatherings with speakers, we connect on so many levels. Many cities have monthly social events.
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AIESEC & Alumni acknowledge the contributions of previous generations to the global community. We invite you to nominate individuals that have become Leaders of Peace and celebrate their contributions through their stories of impact.
National, Regional and International Alumni Association organize for ther member´s Conferences, business trips, company visits and school visits, Ski trips, picnics, and cruises. More and more events all over the world have brought alumni together again.
Online marketplace where alumni-run businesses can offer their products and services to the network and create global business opportunities. This could range from market research and consulting, to help with distribution channel development or business parther selection in another country.
As AIESECers, we all learned to take initiative. For some alumni, this led to founding their own businesses. International Startup Meetings bring together entrepreneurs, investors, and professionals together for education, networking and funding. Aspiring to build global businesses, ISUM attendees create networks that cross cultures and geographies.

There are programs that had been already implemented and prove that had been successful in specific entities. 

We want to open the opportunity for global Innovation in programs, scale-up the impact of current initiatives, share learnings, knowledge, and frameworks of current national projects to become a global program that can be replicated in more entities…

Also, we want to focus effort to innovate and create programs for the pillar ¨To the World¨ that why the regional and global innovation team is working together to consolidate this. 

Get in contact with your national alumni association to know more.

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” —African Proverb