AIESEC Alumni International membership is open to all past membership or participants in AIESEC Exchange programs.

Our annual membership fee is 25 euros. This fee allows to sustain programs and platforms at global level. If your AIESEC Alumni entity is past of our integrated membership model, part of your fee is shared with the national and regional alumni association of your region.

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AIESEC Alumni International encourages you to take the next step and contribute to the growth of this non-profit organization by becoming an official member. We need you support to take AAl to the next level, and we invite you to join us now by clicking on the yearly membership below. 


Yearly Membership

AIESEC Alumni Associations around the world 

create initiatives that enable the continuos development of programs and projects that are aligned with our vision to support our network, AIESEC´er, and all humankind. Become a member today and join our global community. Your membership will help us make an impact for a better world.

The representation of all generations and cultures united for one purpose.

Click on Join us, register at our alumni platform and get your AAI Annual Premium Membership, you can as well pay your Integrated membership Including AAI directly with your National Alumni Association.

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Additional contribution to Programs Innovation

We need your contributions to enable continuous development of programs and projects aligned with our vision, in 2021 AIESEC INTERNATIONAL & AIESEC ALUMNI INTERNATIONAL are launching together the  Life Long Connection Global programs portfolio. Help us to make a relevant impact for a better world, we invite you to support the movement by donating in the link below.