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AIESEC Alumni Hall of Fame Nominations Open Until July 30th

Nominate alumni you know who are impacting the world!

Every year we recognize AIESEC alumni impacting the world and we honor them at the AIESEC Alumni Hall of Fame. This year is extremely special, since we are aiming to gather as many stories as possible on the impact of our alumni and take it beyond the Hall

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Register Now for AAIC in Warsaw!

We ‘re less than 60 days away from a great opportunity for you to reconnect to AIESEC!  Come join us for the AIESEC Alumni International Congress in Warsaw, Poland from August 20th to 23rd, where the theme will be Leaders Connecting for Change.  Hundreds of AIESECers of all ages will gather from around the globe, to relive their experiences, see old friends and join our global AA leadership community.

There will be plenty of networking, business connections, inspiration, education, cultural events and a strong dose of AIESEC spirit! You’ll experience the wonder of an International Congress and meet over 1,000 AIESECers from around the globe.  We’ ll also be electing new Executive Board members to lead the AAI Transformation Project in the coming years.

There are pre and post-Congress study tours are available, which will provide you with a unique opportunity to get to know Warsaw and take in some of the beauty of Poland.

When was the last time

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Alumni Profile: Beatrice Wong

You work as a consultant in the field of “Learning and Development” . Can you tell us briefly what your role entails and your company does?
I am a Partner of Zenlinx, a boutique Learning & Development consultancy which offers three main products. First, we distribute an assessment tool called PRISM Brain Mapping, based on principles of neuroscience, within

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