Small Ways to be a Positive Influence

There are many ways to live by our AIESEC values on a daily basis. While some build great organizations, each of us can play a small but vital role.

I remember vividly the metaphor of the drop of water which creates ripples over a calm surface. Staying vigilant in our daily lives to occurrences of sexism and racism, and speaking up about it, is one way to make our mark. Every act, however small, counts.

Many follow a lazy – and incorrect – attitude of “It’s not my problem”. Little do they realize that such negative actions have a cumulative impact, which at the end comes back full cycle and would end up affecting the entire community. We are all very much interconnected.

In the current climate of fear and hatred directed against Muslims around the world, it is ever more imperative for us to show more care and compassion towards one another.

This is a great article with examples on how non-Muslim can help Muslim friends and fellow community members. Many of the tips can be applied to other situations where one group is under attack and discriminated against, because of the actions of a non-representative minority.

Let our AIESEC spirit be, once again, a beacon of light.


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