RAC Africa Ivory Coast Recap 2017


AIESEC Alumni associations of 8 African countries celebrated their second annual Regional Alumni Congress in Ivory Coast last March, gathering 40 leaders from the region to spend three days in the city of Abidjan, under the idea of connecting for change.

The agenda for the congress was designed so that the delegates could design a path towards change in their own countries and communities, inviting others to join them both locally and nationally, so that the African alumni movement can continue to grow and impact those who participate in their projects, programs and activities.


As a result of the intense discussions during the sessions, a new framework was developed, designed to serve as the inspiration behind every new development that the region and its countries would focus on for the next five years. This new framework integrates the activities of AIESEC and its alumni into one expanded network, combining forces and ideas, and allowing for a bigger impact.

The main elements of the new framework are:

  • Engage with others, so that alumni and aiesecers can transfer skills to those who could benefit from them, either to become more successful entrepreneurs or to increase their employability.
  • Inspire others, by showcasing the beauty of our values in action, empowering youth and adults alike to embrace others as we do in AIESEC.
  • Influence decision makers, so that alumni can contribute to shape the reality of the communities they live and work in.

The Conference was chaired by AAI’s Vice President, Juan Martin Branchi, and the Elections Congress was led by AAE’s Vice President, Christianne Stein. The conference was enriched by the presence and commitment of AIESEC’s PAI elect, Mr Abdelrahman Ibrahim, who participated in discussion forums and supported the developments that were achieved during the event.


This RAC was memorable not only because the delegates were passionately shaping the kind of impact they want to have in the region and in their countries, but also because they celebrated their first regional board elections. We congratulate the new regional board that will lead the African region for the next three years.

We congratulate Mr. Oumar Sylla, AAI’s Regional Director for Africa, for becoming the first President of AIESEC Alumni Africa. We wish him and his board the very best for this exciting new era!

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