Help Us Harness The Power of AIESEC Alumni

AGR Porto (1)Are you an alumnus or alumna in a country or city that has no organized AIESEC alumni association, and longing for the opportunity to connect to the AIESEC community? If so, you are not alone. There are many places where hundreds or even thousands of AIESEC alumni live in close proximity, but there is no formal alumni group.

If this is the case in your area, why not organize and build an AIESEC Alumni association?

Now is a great time to think seriously about forming an alumni group and join us in building an active global alumni network as a part of The AAI Transformation Project. Around the world, alumni leaders are coming together to help us awaken the sleeping giant, by organizing local, national and regional alumni associations which all fit together in a global federation.

Our vision is simple: an active alumni chapter in every country where AIESEC operates, providing programs and community to alumni so they too can experience “leadership under AIESEC values delivered for life.”

Building an AIESEC alumni association has never been easier:

  • AAI has a standard set of signature programs that allow alumni to connect, collaborate and contribute, offering a solid value proposition for alumni with both social and professional interests
  • AlumNet, our global online community, will soon allow new alumni associations to quickly establish an online database, marketing campaigns, membership management, programs and events that take the work out of organizing their operations
  • AAI offers National Alumni Association (NAA) development tools and support, including Best Practices and “how to guides.”
  • Regional Alumni Associations (RAAs) in Europe, Asia and Latin America provide active support to alumni leaders who are looking for help and advice
  • Many established NAAs are interested in helping groups to get going, and able to offer mentoring and ideas to new alumni leaders

Sound interesting? What are you waiting for?! Contact us for an initial consultation, we’ll put you in touch with the right resources and help you get started. Write us at [email protected].

Come join us!

Very best regards,

Andrew G. Rowe
President, AAI

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