ALUMnite of the Month Award

a242f8c372d436c89af82fb5349423beWhile everyone joins AIESEC for different reasons, the reason we stay involved is always the people! ALUMnite events in cities around the world bring together alumni, trainees, partners and sometimes also AIESEC’ers. These events range from casual get-togethers in restaurants or homes to in-depth discussions on a variety of topics.

Every month, across more than 100 locations, we aim to have at least one opportunity to re-connect through a networking event, a discussion forum or a local exploration tour. You get a sense of the dynamic and friendly nature of ALUMnite events on the following Facebook group.

To further promote these networking opportunities, we are pleased to announce the “ALUMnite of the month” award. Through this special recognition, we aim to bring ALUMnites to even greater heights.

Every month, AAI we will give the award to those that, through their outstanding organization, commitment, and dedication, set up new landmark “ALUMnites” around the world.

To qualify for this award, you should share with AAI:

  • 1. Before the event:
    • a. agenda
    • b. venue
    • c. date
  • 2.  After the event:
    • a. number of participants (alumni, members, trainees, partners)
    • b. send photos (or the link where they are posted)

The “ALUMnite of the month” will be featured across our social media, Alumnet and our Newsletter. We will include a profile of the ALUMnite Coordinator and her/his team. AAI will also award a free app (Android, IOS) for one year, to help streamline the management of the event (e.g. registration, ticketing).

Many alumni are already meeting on a regular basis in cities around the world, and we know that many more would participate if they knew when and where to go. If there is no event in your city yet, it’s up to you to step forward and organize one! Hosting alumni gatherings is a great way to share experiences, give back and support the AIESEC mission. We invite YOU to get engaged in this global effort in your city every month.

Contact me at [email protected] and I will be happy to help you in organizing the first event in your city!

Check out links to past ALUMnite events from Portugal, VenezuelaJapanRomania, and Peru.

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