Global Startup Awards

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Change is the only constant. Smart companies and individuals all over the world are embracing this concept. Even large corporations realize that if they are to survive the next waves of disruption, they must include innovation into their DNA.

The startups, however, are the engines that push the boundaries of what we think is possible and redefine industries. After spending over 12 years in building four startups in Montreal, Los Angeles, and Silicon Valley, I’ve seen what elements are needed to succeed, whether you are an entrepreneur, a corporation or an investor: these are contacts and exposure.

The Global Startup Awards (with a presence in Central Europe, Nordics, South East Asia and SAARC with other regions coming soon ) is the largest independent startup awards (as opposed to being owned by a single VC firm) and is an outstanding platform for providing both contacts and exposure.

Silicon Valley and the San Francisco Bay Area have been the face of tech startups and innovation for many years. Lately, other major cities have come into their own by making considerable progress in developing their ecosystem, both on the talent and funding sides. Many of the brightest new stars come from countries within the competing regions.

The Global Startup Awards, along with its regions, operates on three levels: national, regional, and global.

It provides visibility to not only the startups who are competing but also companies who are seeking brand awareness and expanding their network. Investors can get access to the deal-flow including hundreds of the latest and hottest startups.

As a veteran entrepreneur and AIESEC alumni advisor for GSA team, I am here to help fellow alumni and their friends succeed. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out directly to me. You can also find more information by downloading this information deck or on the website here
, including the active and upcoming regions.

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