AIESEC Alumni Asia Pacific Conference Recap

ImageThe AIESEC Alumni Asia Pacific Conference (aka AAAPC) was held on June 23rd to 25th. About 100 delegates from 14 countries attended the conference and celebrated the 50th Anniversary of AIESEC in Hong Kong. 

The delegates, throughout the conference, shared their ideas & thoughts on AAI’s Vision 2020 framework, with alumni engagement, understanding what drives and motivates the major two stakeholders and how to build a sustainable Business Model.

The delegates came together, and a suggested vision statement for 2020 emerged: “Engage all alumni to create impact globally, consistent with AIESEC Values” to motivate and inspire local alumni to rejoin the AIESEC alumni family and create life & community-altering projects.

The highlight of the conference was the welcome dinner and 50th Anniversary celebration that offered delegates an excellent opportunity to meet old buddies, mentors, and, of course, make new friends from the AP region

We thank everyone who had come to this great event or stopped by. 


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