Download our 2014-17 Strategic Plan

AAGC in Taiwan begins tonight, and we’ll be posting a presentation and event recap in the coming days.  For those of you who missed our article in the July AAI newsletter, here is a link to the 2014-17 AAI Strategic Plan.  We’ll be talking about this in Taiwan with the delegates and as always, we welcome your feedback and questions.

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    Great job that AIESEC is doing so far.

    Always remember that a single deed is all that one needs to eventually change the world.

    Greetings from Nairobi, Kenya


  2. Miriam Susana González Pulido says:

    This Plan is functional and has great expectations; I’m just wondering about the commitment with the new AIESECers and the regulations to include new alumni to our association. the goals seem according to the development of the organisation. its a really good team job. congrats.

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