The story of IMCD

The memories and experiences that I gained in my four years as an AIESECer are uncountable and priceless. Now when I turn back, all I could see are the confidence, strength and skill I’ve been left with; that same strength and confidence with which I was walked by senior AIESECers when I first joined AIESEC. […]

Team Leadership – Learning from your team is far more important than teaching them

“AIESEC is the world’s largest youth-led network creating positive impact through personal development and shared global experiences.” – from AIESEC Global Website I have been an active AIESECer from 2010 to 2014 holding various leadership positions from local to national level. In the last active year of my AIESEC journey, I was the Member Committee President of […]

Where is the switch off button?

Hello, my name is Ricardo Vitorino and I’m Portuguese. I joined AIESEC in March of 2009 and went through many different experiences from team member of a local project to MCP of my home entity in 13/14. After that, I went to Poland for a 2 months Teaching Portuguese Professional Internship, followed by another 8 […]

Four Lessons and One Year Later

So one year after my “AIESEC graduation” I’m starting a new exciting journey in a social enterprise which is on its path to become the next Alibaba. A chance to make money by doing good, having real positive impact on unprivileged communities – isn’t that what AIESECers are looking for in life? It seems I’m […]