WE want YOU to run for AAI’s Executive Board

featured-aug-alumnite-bogotaAAI is looking for dedicated, qualified and committed nominees to put their names forward for six AAI Executive Board (EB) positions that will become available on August 21, 2016.

Our goal is to strengthen AAI through the upcoming election cycle by identifying strong leaders with outstanding skills who are willing to continue moving the organization forward, transforming it into a professional entity that is focused on forging strong connections among alumni and delivering a tangible impact on the world. This requires a broad search and recruiting effort across all AIESEC generations. To achieve this goal, the association needs your leadership.

If you believe you are qualified and have the interest and time to serve, we urge you to put yourself forward as a candidate. If you know one or more excellent candidates who may be interested in leading AAI, please help us recruit them or make introductions, and we will happily reach out to them.  All candidates will need to apply and provide two references by June 21, 2016.

Now, more than ever, we are positioned to wake the AIESEC Alumni “sleeping giant” in each and every one of us to fulfill our vision of building an active global leadership network that can change the world!  We urge you to  CLICK HERE  to consult an extensive FAQ section, and please also don’t hesitate to reach out to the Nominations Committee with questions or suggestions at [email protected].

AIESECly yours,
David Epstein
Chair, AAI Nominations Committee
on behalf of the AAI Nominations Committee

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