Change the World Campaign: Moldovan Environmental Governance Agency (MEGA)

Moldovan Environmental Governance Academy (MEGA) is an organization working on nurturing eco-friendly behavior and solving environmental issues through games and gamification. Its main innovation is the MEGA Game – a gamified web platform and smartphone app that gives young people knowledge and power to create a sustainable world with their own minds and hands by playing […]

ALUMnet: The Business Exchange

ALUMnet is built around the needs of all Alumni to add value in many ways. In this article, you’ll learn about a feature tailored to the needs of the entrepreneurs among us. For a successful business, the idea is only part of the challenge. Execution is critical, and it takes skilled, driven people to bring a project […]

ALUMnite of the Month: Bogota, Colombia

Congratulations to the first recipient of the ALUMnite of the Month Award. Congratulations to AIESEC Alumni Colombia and their Bogotá members, the first-ever winner of the ALUMnite of the Month Award, June 2015. In addition to being highlighted on the AAI Monthly Newsletter and all AAI Social Media channels, AAI will also award a free […]

Window of Opportunities

Professional networking has always been a challenge. Although technology helps to stay connected, it’s still difficult to determine who you should meet. If you are shy or an introvert, networking can be a daunting task. Window of Opportunity is a type of session that can be held at a conference or as a standalone activity and […]