ALUMnite of the Month: Bogota, Colombia

Congratulations to the first recipient of the ALUMnite of the Month Award.

Congratulations to AIESEC Alumni Colombia and their Bogotá members, the first-ever winner of the ALUMnite of the Month Award, June 2015.

In addition to being highlighted on the AAI Monthly Newsletter and all AAI Social Media channels, AAI will also award a free app (Android, IOS) for one year, to help to organize future events.

As we have mentioned in our recent newsletter post, we are looking for examples of great ALUMnites from around the world. Winners are selected based the quality of their content, meeting ALUMnite goals (connecting AIESECers from different generations, for instance), and demonstrating excellence in different areas (Organising Team, Venue, Agenda, effective Planning, effective Promotion).  Bogota´s ALUMnite has done well in all aspects.

It was no easy task to choose the winner from among all the applicants. We would like to congratulate all the cities and national associations that have sent their applications.

We encourage everyone to send their application for the coming month, as this will become a monthly feature.

Many alumni are already meeting on a regular basis in cities around the world, and we know that many more would participate if they knew when and where to go. If there is no event in your city yet, it’s up to you to step forward and organize one! We have just released a Best Practices Manual to help you out. Contact me at [email protected] and I will be happy to send you a copy. Please check our Facebook page where you have great examples of events around the world that can inspire you.

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