Supervisor Group Meeting Recap


Supervisory Group Meeting
Headquarters AIESEC, Rotterdam
December 7th – 8th 2017

The global Leadership of AIESEC attended its quarterly Supervisory Group (SG) Meeting for updates and discussions.

AAI was represented by its president, Alexander Tichy, and was joined by 6 members of the SG for the two-day meeting.
Below is a quick overview of the topics covered:

Joint Corporate Development between AI and AAI: an extended version of the MoU (Memorandum of Understanding for collaboration) was proposed, for further discussion and agreement within AAI-EB.
A fixed slot per quarter in AAI Global NL for AI Messaging was agreed to begin in the new year.

Platform: AI is planning to launch another platform in February 2018. We are considering joining forces on platform development and analyzing potential synergies, the relevant leaders from both AI and AAI agreed on further in-depth collaboration on the topic.

Global Conferences IPM and AAIC: The Status Quo of both conferences has been discussed, any content support or delivery from both sides reflected. AI was happy to receive support from the AA community on contractual affairs related to AAIC.

External Audit: A top-level Meeting with PWC Senior executives could be held as further development on the matter of additional external audit and feasibility, as launched in August right after AAIC Cartagena.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)  Bilateral update on the topic of GDPR which is relevant for the global AIESEC family: the main activities on the roadmap have been reviewed, progress shared. It was a good learning experience for AAI on how to deal with the topic.

Possible change of legal venue: related documents for AAI review have been received from PAI Abdo, serving as “how-to” guide.

An in-person meeting was called for the AIESEC Fund (AF).
Victor Loewenstein and Arnould de la Boulaye went to Rotterdam and along with PAI Abdo, Global Vice President Public Relations Joaquim Sanvictores and our PAAI Alex Tichy, the board spent an afternoon to hold its first meeting in with these individuals.

The main topics were: a report on the current very critical financial situation of AAI and an overview of the financial issues and project options by AI. A first project was immediately approved by the AF-Board: the immediate activities for fundraising for AAI to both support its financial survival and contribute to enabling future financial sustainability.



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