President’s Letter: Holiday Edition

Alex Tichy – AAI President

Last August, we came back from AAIC 2016 highly motivated and confident about the future of our organization.

The conference was not only a great success but it was also the most intergenerational event that we have had so far. The sharing of experience and perspective brought tremendous value to both the younger and older generations.

The event agenda included opportunities to network, share and learn.  Four steps were identified that help unlock our potential as a group and remove roadblocks for our success. We created sessions that inspired our members, helped them become more self-aware, provide them with practical examples and help them acquire specific know how. To deliver these sessions, we gathered a team of high caliber alumni that could draw on years of experience to make these sessions powerful and relevant.

The feedback from the delegates was positive in that they strongly feel the conference delivered on its promise.

Moreover, the newly elected which brings new blood, new perspectives and renewed energy, while supported by the outgoing president, is poised to push AAI forward in the new year.

Join us as we continue to develop AAI as a powerful global network that serves not only its alumni members but the world at large.

With this we do wish you from the bottom of our hearts a joyful holiday season and a great start into a prosperous and peaceful New Year 2017!

Alex Tichy,
AAI President

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