Introducing: Belgium Alumni Executive Board

For AIESEC Belgium’s 60th anniversary, the newly elected board of AIESEC Alumni Belgium has stepped up to take on the role as OC for this landmark event.

From left to right: Sarah Grégoire (Project Management), Caroline Van der Avoort (President), Marie André (External Relations), Robin Nuttens (Project Management), Claudia Calinescu (Network Catalyst) and Jan Peeters (representation within AIESEC network)

From left to right: Victor Lowenstein (Master of Ceremony and board advisor of AIESEC Alumni Belgium), Sarah Grégoire (Logistics and Communication), Caroline Van der Avoort (Event management), Robin Nuttens (Master of Ceremony), Marie André (Logistics and Communication), Claudia Pop Calinescu (Network Catalyst) and Jan Peeters (Panelist interviewer).

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