AlumNet reflects the AIESEC spirit

alumnet-large“AIESECers are persistent and remain true to their vision against all odds.”  I’m sure that so many of you identify with this statement and that persistence is one of the qualities that you developed when you were in AIESEC.  What’s more, I’ll bet this persistence has served you well throughout your life, in your career, and as a leader like so many AIESECers that we know.

A dedicated global team of AIESEC alumni has persisted over the past four years to drive the development of AlumNet, our global online community portal which is now in beta testing and will formally launch in January.  This team of software developers, entrepreneurs, designers, program managers, marketers, and donors have all come together around a compelling vision: to build an active online global leadership network where hundreds of thousands of AIESECers can connect, collaborate, and contribute to a better world.

AlumNet is the core enabler for bringing this vision to reality: as a deployment platform for our value-added programs and services, as a management platform for our alumni entities around the globe, and as an online community built on AIESEC values and our capital of trust.

AlumNet is full of rich features that are meant to engage alums and allow you to interact in ways that go far beyond traditional social media platforms.  You’ll be able to make deeper personal and professional connections.  You’ll be able to find new business partners, markets, and job opportunities, or use it for meet-ups with AIESECers as you travel the globe.  You’ll be able to organize events, payments, membership development, marketing and so many other key functions that will engage our community

As we go to press with this newsletter, a global team of early adopters is busy testing the platform, adding content, and bringing AlumNet to life.  Through hard work and persistence, we are confident that AlumNet will enable us to achieve our goals, thanks to our global team and lots of AIESEC spirit.

Would you like to join in this effort and help us with the beta launch?  Click here to contact our Deployment Director, and we’ll send you information on how to help.

Andrew G. Rowe
AIESEC Alumni International

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