What to Expect at AAIC 2017 in Cartagena, Colombia


Drumroll please…

This summer (July 8th – July 11th) we are gathering cool AIESEC Alumni for AAIC in Cartagena with whom you can dive deep in business stories, successful personal & professional growth sharing strategies and make an awesome round of the Global Village at the IC that is happening simultaneously. 

For all of this to happen smoothly we need a Master of Ceremony that will make your experience go like a hot knife goes through butter. And, without further ado, here’s maestro Fabio Sgaragli

Now a key figure at the Brodolini Foundation, during his AIESEC days Fabio has been NCP of AIESEC Italy and has been involved with AI as a co-designer of the Learning Tool. Since then, Fabio has been awarded several times as one of the most active alumni in Italy.

The important stuff

Note #1: AAIC is our way to celebrate you, our worldwide alumni community. But all of us won’t fit. There’re only a limited amount of tickets. And we made them affordable, so anyone can come. 


Note #2: All AAI members have an additional discount of 25EUR. 

Note #3: Ok, you want the meat & potatoes and wanna peak at the agenda. Here it is: http://internationalcongress.aiesec.org/ALUMNI/agenda/

Note #4: It’s not every day that you can give into your secret coffee addiction and learn the secrets of the trade while sipping on that alluring black potion. Or, curios on melting away into the Amazon Dream, here’s the link to the study tours:


Should you come? Who are the Attendees?

The alumni who come to AAIC are bright, ambitious, curious folks who are hungry to learn from others and want to meet like-minded entrepreneurs.

Every year, we have alumni fly in from nearly every part of the world. They’re founders, marketers, data nerds, product experts, designers, techies, and investors. Many work for cool growing startups and others work at big worldwide known companies, while others are working toward building a lasting brand with a small team of 10 or own a company that is meant to be a disruptor or a change agent in a certain industry and address real word issues.

And to put this in perspective, here are 3 things that cost more than a AAIC ticket…

One Ted conference ticket – $6,000
New York Times Yearly Subscription – 615$
Utah Raptor Life Size Dinosaur Garden Statue – 1,699.99$
Really takes a dinosaur garden statue to put things into perspective, doesn’t it?

Our goal is to empower people to make better decisions about the world we all live in. 

Are you in?

Click bellow to sign up and we’ll see you there!


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