AIESEC Alumni International – Vision 2020


AIESEC Alumni International is excited to share with the global alumni community that we are developing a framework that will allow us to define the new Vision 2020 for AAI. For almost five years, we have been striving to achieve the goals of the Transformation Project that was set in 2013. From 2014 onwards, certain strategic goals and objectives were set, and we’re satisfied to say that we’ve come a long way. We launched Alumnet, we built an organization around the ideals of AIESEC, which is AAI, and we have a strong network of leaders around the world supporting this vision.

We are now envisioning our next three years and how we can enhance the impact of the AIESEC leaders around the world in the midst of the social, economic, cultural, and political challenges that humankind is facing. We believe that we can truly put the power of this network to use as we aim at becoming a relevant organization—an organization that is offering insights as to how we can navigate our way into a more peaceful future and where people get to develop themselves freely—an organization where their potential is expanded by the surroundings rather than contracted and diminished by forces that threaten the very core of AIESEC: the idea of peace and the full realization of humankind’s potential.

We invite all of the national alumni associations to lead discussions among their alumni to gather input as to how they see themselves contributing to a world of peace and realization. Your input will be appreciated.

The executive board of AAI will meet in Venlo, the Netherlands, to join AIESEC in their International Presidents Meeting and discuss the future of AAI. We will kick off a process that will end in Cartagena, Colombia in July, when the new vision of AAI will be presented to all the members of the association.

Join our discussions by sending your ideas to Martin Branchi, vice president of AAI and head of Organizational Development, who is leading this process. Write to him at [email protected]



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