Update from Momentum 2014 in Mexico City

Dear friends and colleagues of AIESEC Alumni,

We did it! The AIESEC Alumni International Congress and AAIB Regional Alumni Congress in Mexico City were both a total success! With over 120 alumni leaders from over 20 countries, MOMENTUM Mexico set a high standard for our association as we continue on the path of our Transformation Project.

Here are some highlights of the event:

Transformation Project Update: The Executive Board reported solid progress on key strategic initiatives including AlumNet, Integrated Organization and Membership and other key topics. You can get full details and a full copy of the AAI Opening Ceremony Presentation at MOMENTUM March 2014.  Fuller details are included in AAI EB Update part 1 and AAI EB Update part 2.

Consensus Building: Our Working Groups provided alumni leaders with the opportunity to build consensus and action plans on key topics such as how to implement the integrated organization model, National Alumni Association (NAA) and Regional Alumni Association (RAA) agreements, membership strategy, AAI/RAA/NAA organizational structure and communications. We also held workshops that set in motion the finalization of a proposal for the AAI Code of Ethics and Code of Conduct, as well as feedback on Leadership, Succession Planning and Elections. We will be sharing the output from those workshops in the coming days, and the new EB will be deciding how to move forward, based on this valuable feedback.

AAI Seed Fund: We successfully completed our “10 for €10K Challenge” which we launched in Vienna, and added over €13,000 in Lifetime Membership pledges. This provides strong proof that alumni recognize the importance of funding our Transformation Project and are willing to generously contribute to the effort. Our thanks to all of those participated in achieving this important milestone! We are well on our way toward our goal of raising €300,000 by 2015.

First Global Corporate Sponsor: We were delighted to announce a €50,000 annual sponsorship from Megaworld Corporation, a Philippines-based international conglomerate, to award AAI Lifetime Memberships to key alumni from the Asia-Pacific region through AIESEC Alumni Asia-Pacific. This agreement calls for a long-term sponsorship commitment of 20 years, or €1,000,000. Our special thanks to Gavin Ng, for his leadership in supporting the Transformation Project!

AAI Elections: AAI was successful in electing an outstanding new leadership team, which will continue forward with building our organization and the execution of our strategic plans.  New AAI officers are:

Andrew Rowe, President
Guillermo Herrera, Vice President
Susanne Pfeuffer, Secretary/Treasurer

…and together with Anne Templeman-Jones, Mariella Cueva and David Epstein, the newly elected Executive Board is already hard at work.

Congratulations to David Epstein for your inspirational leadership and to the outgoing members of the EB for your strong support and hard work over the past two years. You set a strong foundation and a clear path for our way forward.

AAIB Elections: AIESEC Alumni Iberoamerica (AAIB) was also successful in electing a new leadership team:

Cesar Macias (Mexico), President
Felipe Cárdenas (Colombia), Director of Finance
Leonardo Zandoná (Brazil), Director of Membership

AAIB’s growth to over 400 members and continued strengthening of National Alumni Organizations throughout the region are a great example for all of us to follow. Congratulations!

Our special thanks to the MOMENTUM Organizing Committee and AIESEC Alumni Mexico for a truly outstanding set of events. You did a wonderful job. The venue, special events and camaraderie were incredible.

The “Sleeping Giant” is waking up. Never has there been more value, engagement and passion than we are witnessing in the AIESEC alumni world at this time. Come join us in our efforts, and let’s build a global alumni network that we can all be proud of!

Very warm regards,

Andrew G. Rowe
AIESEC Alumni International

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