Update from AAAP in Bangkok

imagepbk-landing-leaderboard-1280Nearly 100 delegates attended the AAAPC 2016 in Bangkok, Thailand between October 7 and 9, from more than 16 Asia Pacific alumni entities and 4 non-Asia-Pacific entities participated. 

2 new initiatives there introduced: AIESEC Got Talent and JUMP (Juniors Meetup Program). 

AIESEC Got Talent aims to showcase the diverse and amazing talent within Asia Pacific alumni network. 

JUMP itself is designed to introduce AIESEC to children of AIESEC alumni and prepare them at the earliest possible age to connect with AIESEC. These new additions to the already successful A-Group & ALUMNite programs will be adopted by Asia Pacific alumni entities in years to come.

AP alumni discussed in extensive ways about the future of NAAs, RAAs and AAI.

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