Global Startup Awards

[vimeo_video] 194779004 [/vimeo_video] Change is the only constant. Smart companies and individuals all over the world are embracing this concept. Even large corporations realize that if they are to survive the next waves of disruption, they must include innovation into their DNA. The startups, however, are the engines that push the boundaries of what we […]

GrowthAfrica: Accelerator of African Startups and Businesses

Magic happens when AIESEC friends come together to build on what they learned and the values that brought them together in our powerful global network for change. Our story is one of three alumni who, since 2002, have been on a mission to accelerate startups and businesses in Africa. My accelerating business partners are Patricia […]

ISUM by AAI: Space for Alumni & Startups

The ISUM Objective:   To bring entrepreneurs, investors, and professionals together to create new, private or social, global business. What are the benefits of organizing an ISUM? First of all, it is a great way to engage and activate your local, national, and regional Alumni Network. You present AIESEC Alumni’s potential and leadership to many different […]

International Startup Meetings (ISUM) Manila 2015

Daniel Gulati, author of Passion & Purpose: Stories from the Best and Brightest Young Business Leaders, spent a month investigating where successful entrepreneurs found their ideas.  The most popular source he found was the pain-point motivator. «I experienced a pain point in my life and wanted to solve it.» The call for entrepreneurs now is […]