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Sincerest Thanks to our Global AIESEC Community

The holiday season is now in full force for so many of us around the globe, and it’s a great time to reflect on how lucky we are to be AIESECers. As members of the AIESEC Community, we truly have so much to be grateful for. Our global experiences which make us so adaptable and culturally sensitive, our shared worldview and values as global citizens, the transformational impact that AIESEC …Read More

ISUM by AAI: Space for Alumni & Startups

The ISUM Objective:   To bring entrepreneurs, investors, and professionals together to create new, private or social, global business. What are the benefits of organizing an ISUM? First of all, it is a great way to engage and activate your local, national, and regional Alumni Network. You present AIESEC Alumni’s potential and leadership to many different stakeholders like entrepreneurs, investors, service providers, universities, private companies, and the government. ISUMs are a …Read More

AlumNet: a Sneak Peek

AIESEC Alumni International has come a long way. Not so long ago, there were many national alumni associations scattered around the globe. There were clusters of alumni who kept in touch or reconnected – after a few years or decades – and began regularly meeting, albeit informally. It was still extremely difficult to reconnect with fellow alumni across borders, especially those we met at conferences in far-away lands. AAI has …Read More

Donor Profile: Frank Foti

We are pleased to showcase Frank Foti, an accomplished alumnus and entrepreneur who has contributed significantly to AIESEC in his youth and remains an active alumnus and supporter to this date. Mr. Foti is also a proud donor to The AAI Seed Fund 10 X €10K Campaign, demonstrating his generosity and commitment to The AAI Transformation Project. Frank joined AIESEC at the Miami University in Ohio while doing a B.S. …Read More


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