Save The Date – AAIC in Warsaw Poland, August 20-23

Warsaw is a unique character in Poland. Rather than being centered on an old market square, the capital is spread over a broad area with diverse architecture: restored Gothic, communist concrete, modern glass, and steel.

This jumble is a sign of the city’s tumultuous past. World War II nearly destroyed the city. As a result, it’s a fascinating collection of neighborhoods and landmarks. Excellent museums interpret its complex story, from the joys of Chopin’s music to the tragedy of the Jewish ghetto. It’s not all about the past, however. Warsaw’s restaurant and entertainment scene are the best in Poland.

Most of all, Warsaw has its unique vibe that is impossible to describe. One needs to visit to feel it.

The city is a perfect venue for the AIESEC Alumni International Congress (AAIC), which will be held from Saturday, August 20th to Tuesday, August 23rd. The AAI Congress will coincide with the AIESEC International Congress, which will be happening in the same city.

Save the date, and join us for this excellent opportunity to connect with fellow alumni, make new friends and stay for the study tour to learn about Poland’s rich cultural heritage.

More details on the venue, registration and study tour will be forthcoming soon.


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