Reminder: EB Nominations Close January 24th

Are you interested in considering a leadership role at AAI?  If so, now is a really great time to step forward and present yourself as a candidate for election to AAI’s Executive Board!

At our next AAIC in Porto in April, we will elect 5 new Executive Board members, who will be critical to accelerating the growth of the organization and achieving our vision.  This includes:

  • Launching AlumNet and driving online community engagement
  • Developing our signature programs that will engage our alumni
  • Building our membership campaigns and engagement
  • Fundraising and sponsorship development to ensure financial sustainability
  • Bringing AAI/RAAs/NAAs together in an integrated organization
  • Expanding National Alumni Associations to all key countries

These are just some of the strategic initiatives that are in progress under the AAI Transformation Project, and which will only be successful with strong leadership that is committed to executing our plans.

This is a really exciting time to join us!   If elected to AAI’s leadership team, you will have an amazing experience of personal and professional growth, as well as building fulfilling connections and friendships around the globe.  Most of all, you will enjoy the satisfaction of being a key leader of the AAI Transformation Project.

You can access the complete application procedures by going here:

Are you interested in learning more? Visit our website at or click on the links below to access several documents that will provide you with more background, below.

Would you like to discuss this with a current EB member? Write us at [email protected].

 2014-2015 AAI strategic plan:

EB update presentation given at 2014 AAGC in Taiwan:

 EB update presentation given at 2013 AAI Congress in Vienna:

Working Group executive summary from the 2012 AAI Congress in Hungary:


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