Regional Alumni Congress in Argentina

Having been an active member of the AIESEC network for more than 40 years, Argentina’s alumni community has grown in size as technological advances help members  search, re-engage and connect with some of the 4,000 (and counting!) alumni across 10+ cities.

Argentina’s very own Alumni Association formalized its existence in 2012.  Two national alumni conferences were held before the association; the managing teams were elected in the conferences and introduced to the region in Panama’s RAC 2014. 

While Argentina is still on its way to becoming a formal entity, its alumni  is only ever more dedicated with moving things along. As the association to grow, more opportunities for personal and professional development are now being offered to members – something which we are only all too familiar with back in those AIESEC days.

Represented by Monica Barani and Pablo Bertagnoli, Argentina participated in Colombia’s RAC this year and presented an ambitious proposal, where they are seeking to host RAC 2018.

The Assembly unanimously voted in favor of this proposal. It was absolutely inspiring to hear Monica and Pablo share their ideas for the conference; 

our warmest congratulations go out to Argentina and to the network for offering their wonderful support. We sure hope YOU are ready for a great conference in 2018!

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